The Empowered Consumer

Reviews are an important deciding factor for a lot of customers buying online. Reviews help build trust between the customer and the business. A large number of reviews combined with great reviews help build immediate trust that will ultimately convert casual online visitors to actual paying customers.

Your brand voice, for your
customers, by your customers

Increase brand credibility

YouAdMe peer to peer recommendations model increase trust for your brand

Grow & expand your business

Your loyal customers get your product noticed through their social network

Instant access to your customers social network

with purchase-ready customers with their network of friends and families

How YouAdMe can bring you
effective solution for your business?

Risk free

Pay only for posts that fit your guidelines. Nothing gets published without your go ahead.

Collaborative Marketing

We incentivise your consumers and build relationships with them.


Put up the voices of your customers and interested consumers; reward them now!